Boris Champy

  • Founded : 1984
  • Address : 23 Rue de la Gare, 21190 Nantoux
  • Production : Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Aligote

In the heart of the Hautes-Côtes de Beaune's gentle slopes, Domaine Boris Champy stands as a beacon of passion. Boris commitment to natural viticulture and biodiversity is revitalizing this hidden gem of Burgundy.

Born in Champagne, Boris Champy's interest in wine blossomed early. His diverse career path – from working at Dominus Estate in California to overseeing a prestigious négociant in Beaune – equipped him with a comprehensive understanding of grape-to-bottle excellence. Witnessing the transformative power of organic and biodynamic practices in his formative years instilled in him a deep respect for the environment.

Domaine Didier Montchovet, founded in 1984 by Didier Montchovet, was a pioneer in the region. Didier, a vigneron family descendant, embraced organic and biodynamic methods, becoming the first in Burgundy to achieve Demeter certification. This commitment to sustainability resonated deeply with Boris, who saw an opportunity to build upon this legacy.

In 2012, Boris took over the Domaine, renaming it Domaine Boris Champy. He maintained the core values of organic and biodynamic viticulture while injecting his own vision. He recognized the untapped potential of the Hautes-Côtes, a region poised to benefit from a changing climate. His focus shifted towards meticulously preserving the unique character of each lieu-dit, crafting wines that truly reflect their specific terroir.

Domaine Boris Champy champions biodiversity. The vineyards are havens for wildlife, with hedges, trees, and natural flora flourishing alongside the vines. Biodynamic practices are meticulously followed, fostering a healthy soil ecosystem that translates into exceptional grape quality. Boris believes in working with nature, not against it, drawing inspiration from regenerative agriculture principles.

Drawing inspiration from historic vintages, Boris seeks to create wines with aging potential and remarkable complexity. He emphasizes optimal grape maturity, rejecting the need for artificial adjustments in the winery. His use of whole bunches, a practice prevalent in pre-destemmer eras, contributes to the wines' structure and nuanced character.

Minimal sulfur use, careful sorting, and gentle extraction techniques are hallmarks of Boris' winemaking philosophy. White wines are vinified with meticulous attention to pressing, separating juices based on their acidity and structure. Red wines showcase elegant extraction and careful aging in oak barrels, allowing the terroir to shine through.

Domaine Boris Champy embodies a forward-thinking approach to traditional winemaking. By embracing sustainability, honoring history, and meticulously revealing the potential of the Hautes-Côtes, Boris Champy is writing a new chapter in the region's story. His passion and dedication promise to position Domaine Boris Champy as a leader in crafting exceptional, terroir-driven wines for years to come.

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