• Founded : 1863
  • Annual production : 60,000 - 70,000 Bottles
  • Address : Via Alba-Barolo 128, 12060 Castiglione Falletto, Piemonte, Italy
  • Production : Nebbiolo, Barolo, Barbera, Dolcetto, Freisa
  • Organic

Brovia was founded by Giacinto Brovia in 1863 in the hamlets of Castiglione Falletto precisely between Barolo and La Morra.

Following a phylloxera scare, the founder’s grandsons Giacinto and Raffaele started the business again from scratch in 1953, with the sole objective of producing distinctive, singular Barolos of the highest quality. Giacinto’s daughters Elena as viticulturalist and Cristina oenologist took over the reins at Brovia at the end of the 1980 continuing the philosophy of Giacinto based on the respect for the terroir.

The Brovias are extremely conscientious winegrowers and farm organically in every sense of that word.  Alex Sanchez (husband of Elena) a winemaker from Barcelona joined the team in 2018 and has been running the winemaking and business side of the business since then.

Under his supervision and expertise, the company has reached a considerable improvement in quality and the best Barolo Cru such as Rocche , Villero and Garblet Sue are now recognized among the best old-school Barolos of the region.

Brovia estate has a traditional winemaking style, with long fermentations and aging in big Slavonian and French oak casks. Wines are then bottled without filtration and then released on the market after an additional 18-24 months of bottle aging. All their Barolos shows elegance, pedigree, vineyard typicity and considerable longevity.

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Offers from Brovia

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