Bruno Lorenzon

  • Founded : 1997
  • Annual production : 35000 - 40000 Bottles
  • Address : 14, rue du Reu, 71640 MERCUREY
  • Production : Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Aligote

In the heart of Burgundy, amidst the rolling hills of Mercurey and Montagny, lies Domaine Bruno Lorenzon, a testament to meticulous winemaking and unwavering dedication to terroir.
Established in 1997, the domaine has flourished under Bruno's leadership, blossoming from 4.5 hectares to 9 hectares of prime vineyards.
This journey of growth reflects not just ambition, but a deep-seated love for the land and its potential to produce exceptional wines.
Bruno, assisted by his sister Carline, embodies the spirit of the domaine. He meticulously cultivates his vines, subscribing to the philosophy that "great grapes are 90% of the work".

This translates into a rigorous work ethic and a profound understanding of the land.
Sustainability is at the core of their practices, with the domaine adhering to organic and biodynamic principles for over three decades.
This commitment is evident in the consistently low yields, each grape bursting with concentrated flavors, a true reflection of the unique terroir.
Innovation and tradition intertwine seamlessly in the vineyards. Bruno employs high-density planting, double the norm in Côte d'Or, to maximize sun exposure and promote vine health.
Tall vine training further optimizes photosynthesis, while light plowing and aeration ensure optimal soil conditions.
The meticulous attention to detail extends to the harvest, with each grape hand-picked in small boxes to preserve their pristine quality.

The magic continues in the cellar, where Bruno's approach skillfully blends contemporary techniques with time-honored traditions.
Whole-bunch pressing for Chardonnay extracts delicate flavors and textures, while partial stem inclusion for Pinot Noir adds complexity and structure.
Meticulously selected oak barrels, crafted with Bruno's own discerning touch, impart subtle notes of wood that seamlessly integrate with the fruit.
Aging in a combination of new and used oak barrels followed by stainless steel tanks allows the wines to mature gracefully, retaining their purity and elegance.

The result? Domaine Bruno Lorenzon produces wines that are truly captivating.
Pure and elegant, they possess a beautiful finesse that speaks volumes about the meticulous care and dedication poured into every step of the process.
ach sip is an expression of the unique terroir, showcasing the subtle nuances of the Mercurey and Montagny appellations.
The quality rivals that of some of the most renowned producers in Côte d'Or, a testament to Bruno's unwavering passion and pursuit of excellence.

Domaine Bruno Lorenzon is more than just a winery; it's a story of dedication, innovation, and a deep respect for the land.
It's a place where passion translates into exceptional wines, waiting to be discovered and savored by those who appreciate the true essence of Burgundy.

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