• Founded : 1948
  • Annual production : 100,000 - 110,000 Bottles
  • Address : Strada Alba-Monforte 40, Castiglione Falletto (CN), Piemonte, Italy
  • Production : Nebbiolo, Barolo, Barbera, Dolcetto, Pinot Noir

In 1928, Giacomo Cavallotto acquired the whole Boschis property in Castiglione Falletto, the heart of the Barolo Zone.

The Bricco Boschis hill is composed by two different geological sedimentary deposit Langhian and the Tortonian. The mix between the oldest calcareous marl and the youngest veins of sand allows an ideal passage of water through the soil, creating very balanced wines with complex aromas. This is a unique feature in the Barolo area, which is evident in the identity of the wines of the Cavallotto Estate.

In 1946 his grandchildren – the brothers Olivio and Gildo – began to vinify the estate’s entire grape production for sale as their own bottled and labeled wine.  1948 they released the first bottling of their own Barolo wine, with the label and registered trademark of Cavallotto.

In 1989 the family acquired 60% of the historic Vignolo Cru (adjacent to the Bricco Boschis) and were the first to bottle this cru on its own as the Cavallotto Barolo Riserva Vignolo.

Since the end of the 1980’s, Olivio’s children Alfio, Giuseppe and Laura have continued the work of gradual growth and constant quality improvements begun by their father and uncle. The cellars were also expanded: in 1994, a new barrel aging cellar was excavated into the Bricco Boschis hill and was attached to the existing bottling and aging areas, and in 2008 the bottle aging cellar was expanded.

The vineyards of the Cavallotto family have three unique features: The 25 hectares of planted vines are a contiguous piece of land that encompasses the Bricco Boschis and Vignolo crus, they are all estate vineyards (the family owns 100% of the vineyards farmed) and the land is worked according to an integrated farming concept that includes the use of organic farming practices.

Devotion to tradition combined with a high regard and respect for modern viticultural and winemaking techniques result in complex and elegant Barolo’s that are released for sale only when they have acquired perfect maturity.

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