Champagne Taittinger

  • Founded : 1734
  • Address : 9 Place Saint-Nicaise, 51100 Reims
  • Production : Chardonnay, Pinot Noir

Champagne Taittinger stands out as one of the few remaining independent houses in the prestigious Champagne region of France. Its story, intertwined with the Taittinger family for nearly a century, reflects a commitment to tradition, excellence, and a distinct champagne style.

The house's roots trace back to 1734, founded by Jacques Fourneaux. However, the Taittinger chapter began in 1931 when Pierre Taittinger, captivated by the beauty of the Champagne region during his service in World War I, acquired the house. This marked the start of a new era, with the Taittinger family becoming the custodians of the house's legacy and shaping its future.

Taittinger champagnes are renowned for their elegance and finesse, a characteristic largely attributed to the high proportion of Chardonnay grapes used in their blends. This emphasis on Chardonnay, ranging from 40% in their non-vintage Brut Réserve to 100% in their prestigious Comtes de Champagne Blanc de Blancs, sets them apart from houses that favor Pinot Noir. The result is a champagne characterized by delicate fruit notes, refreshing acidity, and a creamy, persistent mousse.

Beyond the Brut Réserve, Taittinger offers a diverse range of champagnes catering to different palates and occasions. The Comtes de Champagne, a Blanc de Blancs prestige cuvée, is considered one of the finest examples of Chardonnay-dominant champagne, showcasing exceptional complexity and aging potential. For those seeking a richer style, the vintage year Taittinger champagnes, produced only in exceptional years, offer a deeper and more structured experience.

Taittinger's dedication to quality extends beyond the grapes. They meticulously manage 288 hectares of vineyards in premier locations within the Champagne region, ensuring control over the raw materials that define their champagnes. This commitment to excellence has earned them numerous accolades over the years, solidifying their position as one of the world's most respected champagne houses.

Taittinger represents a unique blend of history, family passion, and unwavering dedication to crafting elegant and refined champagnes. Their distinctive style, emphasizing Chardonnay and meticulous attention to detail, has won them the hearts of champagne enthusiasts worldwide, securing their place as a cornerstone of the Champagne region.

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