Diego Morra

  • Founded : 2006
  • Annual production : 70.000 - 80.000 Bottles
  • Address : Cascina Mosca 37, Verduno (CN), Piemonte, Italy
  • Production : Nebbiolo, Barolo, Barbera, Dolcetto, Pelaverga, Chardonnay

The Diego Morra Winery is located along the panoramic road that connects Alba and Verduno, a small town known as the sentinel of the Langhe, for its position as a historical garrison of the surrounding area.

It all started with Domenico Morra in the mid 1900’s  they initially produce a small quantity of wine intended for family consumption, giving most of the grapes to the cellars in the area.Alongside the vineyards, the family has always owned land destined for other types of crops, including 20 hectares of hazelnut groves.The tradition was continued by Antonio ( Diego father) but the company acquired modern traits starting from 2006 with the conclusion of Diego's studies at the Umberto I ° Institute, the oenological school of Alba.

The Diego Morra brand was born, and the unique logo follow shortly.  Diego is very proud of his logo the 3 M’s intertwined stands for Morra ( family surname), Mosca ( the historic name of the old family “cascina” that is now the winery), Monvigliero the biggest land plot that the Morra family owns and one of the top Piedmont MGA.

In 2018, the works to expand the winery and the areas intended for reception and tasting began.

A path in progressive growth, in the constant attempt to improve, with constant commitment and dedication.

The company philosophy is well reflected in the project that Diego and his wife Francesca lead along the path traced by previous generations: respect for tradition, attention to modernity, search for quality, balance and elegance, respect for the consumer and for the terroir.

Diego also believed from the start on the renaissance of indigenous varieties like Pelaverga, that has now have become quite popular and difficult to find. The Pelaverga from Diego is so popular (light in alcohol, with delicate tannins moderate acidity and fruit forward) that is normally sold out on release every year.

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Diego Morra 2017

Diego Morra's family has been in the wine and hazelnut business for over 70 years, but it was only in 2006 tha...
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