Domaine Faiveley

  • Founded : 1825
  • Address : 8 Rue du Tribourg, 21700 Nuits-Saint-Georges
  • Production : Chardonnay, Pinot Noir

Domaine Faiveley boasts a rich history dating back to 1825, when Pierre Faiveley, a cobbler by trade, founded the merchant business. His nephew, Joseph Faiveley, significantly expanded the company, establishing strong export ties and overseeing the acquisition of the first Grand Cru vineyard, Corton-Charlemagne, in 1873. Each generation has left its mark, with Georges Faiveley reviving the Confrérie des Chevaliers du Tastevin brotherhood and expanding vineyard holdings
Today, Erwan and Eve Faiveley, representing the seventh generation, lead Domaine Faiveley. Erwan, despite having initial interests outside of wine, returned to Burgundy at 25 to manage the estate. His vision is one of simplicity and authenticity, prioritizing the expression of terroir and crafting the finest Burgundian wines possible. He has demonstrably embraced sustainability, implementing scientific trials to reduce environmental impact and improve vineyard practices.
Domaine Faiveley is one of Burgundy's largest estates, with 115 hectares under vine. Notably, 80% of their production comes from their own vineyards, primarily located in Nuits-Saint-Georges and encompassing coveted appellations like Côte d'Or and Côte Chalonnaise. While Pinot Noir reigns supreme, they also hold significant holdings in Puligny-Montrachet and Meursault for Chardonnay production.

Meticulous viticulture is paramount. Sustainable practices are prioritized, with minimal intervention to preserve the natural balance of the vines. Yields are kept deliberately low to promote concentration in the grapes. Rigorous selection ensures only the highest quality fruit reaches the winery. This dedication to the vineyards translates into wines that are true expressions of their origin.
Winemaking at Domaine Faiveley embodies a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation. Harvested grapes are meticulously sorted by hand. Fermentation takes place in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks, followed by aging primarily in oak barrels. The length of aging varies depending on the appellation and cuvée. Recent years have seen a shift towards gentler extraction techniques, resulting in wines with a more elegant character.
The resulting wines are celebrated for their elegance, finesse, and remarkable aging potential. Pinot Noir showcases its inherent complexity, with aromas of red and black fruits complemented by earth, spice, and floral nuances. The palate reveals a beautiful tension between vibrant acidity and silky tannins. Their Chardonnay mirrors this elegance, offering purity of fruit, mineral character, and a long, lingering finish. The pinnacle of their portfolio lies in the Grand Cru wines, showcasing the true potential of Burgundy's terroir.

Domaine Faiveley's dedication to quality has garnered worldwide acclaim. Their wines consistently receive high praise, lauded for their balance, finesse, and ability to age gracefully. Notably, a shift in style occurred in 2007 under winemaker Jérôme Flous, with less extraction resulting in a more elegant expression of Pinot Noir. This reflects Domaine Faiveley's commitment to continuous improvement while staying true to its core principles.
Domaine Faiveley represents a remarkable legacy in Burgundy. With a focus on terroir, meticulous viticulture, and a touch of innovation, they consistently deliver exceptional wines that resonate with wine lovers worldwide. As the estate navigates the future under the leadership of Erwan and Eve Faiveley, their dedication to quality and environmental responsibility ensures Domaine Faiveley's continued success for generations to come.

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