Domaine Tortochot

  • Founded : 19th Century
  • Address : 12 Rue de L’Eglise, 21220 Gevrey Chambertin
  • Production : Pinot Noir

Domaine Tortochot's story begins in the 19th century with Paul Tortochot, the visionary who laid the foundation for the estate's future success. The domaine passed through generations, with each inheritor adding their own touch of dedication and refinement. Today, Chantal Tortochot, the fourth-generation custodian, leads the estate while embracing sustainable practices.

Domaine Tortochot is still a family-run estate quietly carving its niche amongst the Gevrey-Chambertin elite producers. Unlike its more ostentatious counterparts, Domaine Tortochot focuses on meticulous winemaking practices and terroir expression, crafting Pinot Noirs that showcase the soul of Gevrey-Chambertin.

The focus on Pinot Noir reflects the deep understanding they have for this noble grape variety. Gevrey-Chambertin, renowned for its powerful and structured Pinot Noirs, provides the ideal canvas for their expression. The domaine's vineyards are fragmented across 34 separate parcels, each with its own unique soil composition and microclimate. This diversity allows for a rich tapestry of flavors and nuances to be woven into the final wines.

In 2003, Domaine Tortochot embarked on a transformative journey towards organic viticulture. This shift was driven by Chantal Tortochot's belief in minimal intervention and a desire to preserve the natural balance of the ecosystem. The conversion process was meticulous, requiring a deep understanding of the land and a commitment to sustainable practices they received organic certification in 2012.

Organic viticulture translates into wines that are expressive and bursting with character. The use of whole-bunch fermentation, where a portion of the grape clusters remain uncrushed, adds a layer of complexity and a touch of stemmy spice to the final product. Aging takes place primarily in French oak barrels, with judicious use of new oak to enhance structure without overpowering the fruit.

The resulting wines are known for their elegance and finesse, with a vibrant bouquet of red and black fruit, complemented by nuanced notes of earth, spice, and a hint of minerality. The palate is harmonious, with supple tannins and a refreshing acidity that ensures a long and lingering finish

The pinnacle of Domaine Tortochot's holdings lies in their small parcel of Clos de Vougeot Grand Cru. This prestigious vineyard produces a stunning wine, characterized by power, elegance, and exceptional aging potential.

Domaine Tortochot, while not as widely know as some of its more established counterparts, is steadily gaining recognition within the wine world. Wine critics have lauded their dedication to organic viticulture and their focus on crafting wines that are true expressions of their terroir. The wines, praised for their elegance, balance, and aging potential, offer a distinct alternative to the more powerful style often associated with Gevrey-Chambertin.

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