Domaine William Fevre

  • Founded : 1959
  • Address : 10 Rue Jules Rathier, 89800 Chablis
  • Production : Chardonnay

William Fèvre stands out as a pioneer, shaping the perception of Chablis and elevating it to the international stage. In 1959, a young wine merchant named William Fèvre, recognizing the immense potential of Chablis, found with the help of his father Domaine de la Maladière in the heart of the region.
A pivotal moment arrived in 70’ when Fèvre, with a keen eye for opportunity, began purchasing vineyards in Chablis. He recognized the fragmented nature of land ownership in the region, where numerous small parcels were often scattered across various climats (climates). By consolidating these parcels, Fèvre aimed to create a more consistent and high-quality product. Under Fèvre's meticulous guidance, the estate implemented rigorous quality control measures in the vineyard and cellar. This dedication to excellence quickly garnered recognition, establishing William Fèvre as a leading producer of exceptional Chablis.
In 1998, the domaine entered a new chapter when it was acquired by Champagne Henriot, a prestigious producer with a long history of excellence. This change in ownership ensured financial stability and allowed the estate to further invest in viticulture and winemaking practices. Despite the change, William Fèvre remained true to its core values, with Didier Séguier, a highly respected winemaker, taking the helm and ensuring continuity in style and quality.

Chablis owes its distinctive character to its unique geological composition. Millions of years ago, a shallow sea covered the region, leaving behind a legacy of Kimmeridgian limestone soils rich in fossilized marine life. This mineral-rich soil imparts a characteristic saline and chalky character to the wines.
William Fèvre meticulously manages its vineyards across various premier cru and grand cru climats, each with its own distinct soil composition and microclimate. The estate employs sustainable viticultural practices, focusing on canopy management, yield control, and meticulous hand-harvesting to ensure only the ripest and healthiest grapes reach the winery.
Sustainable practices extend beyond organic certification. William Fèvre actively promotes biodiversity by encouraging the growth of cover crops and hedgerows, creating a healthy ecosystem for the vines. This holistic approach fosters a deeper connection between the vines and the terroir, allowing the unique character of each climat to shine through in the finished wines.
William Fèvre's winemaking philosophy revolves around minimal intervention and a relentless pursuit of purity. Harvested grapes undergo gentle whole-bunch pressing, which minimizes bitterness and extracts delicate flavors and aromas. Fermentation takes place primarily in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks, preserving the vibrant acidity and the characteristic mineral backbone of Chablis.

The use of new oak is kept to a minimum, allowing the inherent qualities of the Chardonnay grapes and the Chablis terroir to take center stage. Aging typically occurs on the lees (spent yeast cells) for several months, adding complexity and texture to the wines. The resulting wines are a masterclass in balance, showcasing a captivating interplay between vibrant acidity, a core of minerality, and subtle notes of citrus, white flowers, and oyster shell.

William Fèvre's portfolio encompasses a diverse range of Chablis expressions. Their Petit Chablis offers a delightful introduction to the region, showcasing the crispness and minerality that define Chablis. Moving up the hierarchy, their village-level Chablis reveals increased complexity and depth, reflecting the influence of various premier cru climats within the appellation.

William Fèvre's holdings includes very prestigious premier cru and grand cru wines. Each climat, such as Mont de Milieu, Les Clos, or Valmur, possesses its own distinctive character. Premier cru wines showcase a richer structure and a more nuanced flavor profile, while the grand cru wines, like Les Blanchots or Bougros, represent the pinnacle of Chablis, characterized by exceptional intensity, depth, and aging potential.

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