Elio Grasso

  • Founded : 1928
  • Annual production : 80.000 - 90.000 Bottles
  • Address : Località Ginestra 40, Monforte d'Alba (CN), Piemonte, Italy
  • Production : Nebbiolo, Barolo, Barbera, Dolcetto, Chardonnay

Elio Grasso began making and bottling his own wines in 1978, having taken over from his father Romano who sold his grapes in bulk. He began to transform the property with its excellent vineyard holdings, into the top-notch estate it is today. He began to bottle the Barolos individually as Crus, replanted where needed, rebuilt, and expanded the cellars and spared no expense or amount of labour to make the very best wines he possible could.

Since 1996 Elio has worked with his son Gianluca, and together they have established themselves as among the most outstanding producers of Piedmont.

Based in Monforte d'Alba, all the wines produced come from the Grasso's own vineyards - about 18 hectares - and are matured in casks of Slovenian oak.  The Barolos from this estate are utterly brilliant, their holding in Gavarini Chineria and Ginestra are superb sites.

Both of the signature Crus Chiniera and Casa Matè are aged in big traditional cask; only the Runcot  Riserva , ages in small barrels.  From Chardonnay to Dolcetto including  Barbera and Nebbiolo’s all their wines are well crafted with a style that is a blend of traditional and modern.

The result are wines with ample fruit concentration, purity, great energy and nerve; truly one of the top wineries of all those we work with.

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Elio Grasso 2019

We’ve been working with Gianluca Grasso for many years, and luckily receive a generous allocation, so we can o...
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