Elio Sandri

  • Founded : 1965
  • Annual production : 10.000 - 12.000 Bottles
  • Address : Loc. Perno 14, 12065 Monforte d’ALba (CN), Piemonte, Italy
  • Production : Nebbiolo, Barolo, Barbera, Dolcetto
  • Organic

Atop one of the highest hills in Barolo's DOCG appellation, in the sun-drenched village of Monforte d'Alba, lies Cascina Disa.

Guided by the purist and traditionalist vision of Elio Sandri, this centuries-old estate whispers tales of winemaking excellence.

The land nurtured by Elio today echoes with whispers of the past. Vines graced these slopes as early as the 15th century, tended by monks who instilled a profound reverence for nature. This spirit of dedication flows through the veins of the Sandri family, who have stewarded these steep slopes since the late 19th century. Elio's father, Giovanni, laid the foundation for the modern Cascina Disa, passing on a wealth of knowledge that would guide the next generation.

After a period of selling grapes, Elio ventured into bottling his own wines. Today, his annual production remains small, a mere 2,000 cases of Barolo and other classic Piedmontese reds.

Every step of the winemaking process is a deliberate ballet, a slow and gentle dance that coaxes out the inherent beauty of the terroir. The results? Exquisite, ultra-traditional wines that sing with elegance and balance, their aging potential seemingly infinite.

Elio's deep understanding of the land guides his every decision. The long history of the family vineyards allows for natural fermentation led by native yeasts, further expressing the unique soul of each plot. Cascina Disa sits on a steep, east-facing slope of Perno Hill, a cooler microclimate offering later harvests than most. Non-interventionist farming is the philosophy here, with certified organic practices nurturing a vibrant ecosystem. Wild herbs flourish between densely planted vines (spaced just 0.7 meters apart) creating a tapestry of aromas in the grapes.

Unfazed by modern trends, Elio crafts wines with minimal intervention, believing that natural processes best capture the essence of the terroir. Grapes are hand-picked under the cloak of night, then gently fermented in cool underground cellars. Elio embraces whole-cluster fermentation for his Barolos, with his only concession to modernity being the destemming of Nebbiolo and Dolcetto grapes. Barolo wines slumber in old wooden barrels for years, far exceeding the appellation's minimum of three, before gracing the bottle with their presence.

Each bottle of Elio Sandri wine is an invitation to a sensory journey. It's a sip of history, a testament to generations of dedication, and a celebration of the Langhe's unique spirit. From the youthful vibrancy of Langhe Nebbiolo to the age-worthy complexity of Barolos like Cannubi and Ginestra, each drop whispers of time, terroir, and tradition.

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