We deliver anywhere you want your wine, at the lowest cost possible.

Basic deliveries and transfers are charged at £18 + VAT.

Deliveries further afield will be at the going rate with LCB, charged at cost.

Similarly transfers to non-LCB warehouses or for more than 10 cases will be charged at cost.

Contact us for an immediate quote.

International deliveries

We work with specialised shippers who can usually deliver anywhere in the world, including Connoisseur, Davies Turner and Seabrooks. We will release your wines for export to them on demand.

We deliver internationally to destinations in Europe, the US, and Asia.

For a personalized quote and more details on international shipping, please contact our logistics team at logistics@assetwines.com.

We store thousands of cases in UK bonded warehouses, for our stock and our clients stock if they wish. If you do not store with us, we will consolidate and transfer your wines to your preferred warehouse at cost.

Our UK Bonded warehouses allow us to store wines in perfect conditions, temperature controlled, fully insured and completely secure.

At Asset Wines, we understand the importance of ideal storage for fine wines. Our secure LCB bonded warehouses provide the perfect environment for your collection to mature gracefully and retain its value. Temperature and humidity are meticulously controlled, ensuring the optimal conditions for your wines. For added peace of mind, all wines stored with us are insured at full replacement value.

We are proud to partner with LCB, the leading UK storage company specializing in storing and secure and efficient delivery of wines and spirits.

LCB boasts a vast network across the UK, ensuring swift and reliable delivery to your doorstep.

Your wines will travel in temperature-controlled environments, safeguarding their quality.

LCB’s experienced team understands the importance of proper wine handling, guaranteeing your bottles are stored in perfect conditions and arrive in pristine condition.

We primarily cater to wine collectors who love to build their collection and chase those elusive gems. We love discussing details of a producer or vintage, some please send us an email or call us for a chat.

We can recommend wines to try or definitely buy, wines to sell, wines for a party or a dinner, advice on which wines to add or cull from your collection.

We will also arrange visits to our producers or to tastings. And there’s nothing we like more than a long lunch around some nice bottles.

Building a collection can be rewarding financially too, although we don’t see this process as a pure investment, and we advocate for long term outlook for it to be profitable.

Diversify your portfolio and secure your future with the timeless allure of fine wines.

Contact us today at sales@assetwines.com to schedule an initial conversation.

Fine wine offers a unique and tangible asset class built for stability and growth. Some clients do not have a passion for fine wine but like us to manage a portfolio of fine wine for them.

Despite our company name, this is not our main business, but we do manage some portfolios for clients that want us to do everything.

The trick is all about knowing to get out of your investment at the right time, as fine wine is usually a one way market, with everyone buying or selling at the same time. Liquidity also dries up in tough times so setting manageable targets and selling into a rising market is best.

The UK has a real advantage for fine wine investment with tax-efficient storage in HMRC bonded warehouses which allow you to defer VAT and duty payments until the point of sale.

It also has a strong secondary market which allows for trading out of your investment.

Considering selling some or all of your prized wines? Need cash to pay for schools fees or for a large purchase?

Asset Wines offers a premium broking service designed to help you achieve the best possible return on your investment.

We’ve built strong relationships with a vast network of discerning wine collectors and buyers. This ensures your wines are exposed to the perfect audience, maximizing their potential selling price.

Whether you have a single rare bottle or a complete cellar, we handle the entire sales process, saving you valuable time and effort.

We understand that every seller has unique needs that’s why our experienced wine brokers act as your trusted agents, securing the best possible price for your collection through strategic marketing and negotiation.

Our standard commission rate for broking your wines is a competitive 10%.  However, we recognize the value of larger parcels and rare vintages.  For these collections, we may offer even more attractive commission rates.

Simply email details of your wines to sale@assetwines.com and our team will provide a personalized quote.  We handle the entire process – from marketing and negotiation to secure fulfilment – so you can relax and focus on enjoying the rest of your collection.

We can also offer a cash purchase on some wines, but this will be at a larger discount to market. Get in touch to discuss your portfolio.

We frequently run tasting events or lunches or producer dinners.

Here’s the latest invite for a recent lunch with our esteemed producer Diego Morra and the menu.

Wanna join for the next one? Get in touch!

Do we supply restaurants?

Asset Wines is primarily focused on private clients. We also distribute wines we import to other merchants who will offer them to their private clients.

We do work with some restaurants and wine bars and private clubs in London. If you are a restaurant wine buyer and are interested in our wines, please contact sales@assetwines.com and we will be delighted to work with you.

Can you help with corporate gifting?

If you are looking to give the gift of wine to your staff or clients, we can propose various bespoke ideas. This is something we do for some illustrious names in the City and we can surely offer something your recipients will remember.

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